Breakfast Origin: The Beginning of Our Journey In the world of breakfasts

Our first breakfast takes you on a culinary journey with an irresistible selection. Since the 4 mini tulips to the various mini breads, with raisins and walnuts for a touch of exquisite nutrition. Los 4 mini croissants 6 mini palmeritas add a crunchy touch. Let's not forget the butter, jam, Iberian ham and tomato cream to personalize each bite. Besides, a refreshing touch of orange juice 500 ml. The breakfast that will make your mornings unforgettable!

With personalized dedication.
4 Mini tulips
4 Assorted mini breads ( integàal,flat, One, raisins and nuts)
4 Mini croissant
6 Mini palmeritas
4 Mini napolitanas
Butter, jam, tomato spread, Iberian ham cream
Orange juice 500 ml
25,00 € (2 persons)
Some ingredients can be replaced by others of equal or better quality if they are not available.

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